Render to Cæsar what is Cæsar’s… to God what is God’s.

The Pharisees and the Herodians Conspire Again...

The Pharisees and the Herodians Conspire Against Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The readings at Mass today are those of the Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost.

The Gospel is:

At that time, the pharisees went and consulted among themselves, how to ensnare Jesus in His speech. And they send to Him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying: Master, we know that Thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest Thou for any man, for Thou dost not regard the person of men. Tell us therefore, what dost Thou think? Is it lawful to give tribute to Cæsar, or not? But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: Why do you tempt Me, ye hypocrites? Show me the coin of the tribute. And they offered Him a penny. And Jesus saith to them: Whose image and superscription is this? They say to Him: Cæsar’s. Then He saith to them: Render therefore to Cæsar the things that are Cæsar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.

— St Matthew 22.15–21

As we are all created by God in His image we ought all to praise and adore Him. One good way of doing this is by visiting our Lord Jesus Christ in the Tabernacles of our Churches. I know that it was the Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar that helped to convert me from my past life. I trust that He will touch each one of those who visit Him even for but a few minutes.

Each of us should be involved in the political life of our country. At this time, world news is dominated by the election for the President of the United States. It is up to each voter to vote according to his conscience. At present, let us pray for the people of the US as they are facing a time of tribulation caused by the weather.

Ne despícias, omnípotens Deus, pópulum tuum in afflíctióne clamántem: sed propter glóriam nóminis tui, tribulátis succúrre placátus. Per Dóminum nostrum …

O Almighty God, despise not Thy people who cry out in their affliction: but for the glory of Thy Name, be appeased and help those in trouble. Through our Lord Jesus Christ …

— from Missale Romanum, 1962, Collect In Any Tribulation


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