Scapulars broken but not the promises – a way of life for all.

Those of us who have been enrolled in the Brown Scapular Confraternity know how difficult it is at present to find a brown scapular that will not break when sleeping, or when playing games, or in the gym. I have found it rather difficult to keep a scapular on. Recently, via a Facebook group (Catholic and Proud), I have become aware of some Carmelite nuns that are making what look to be excellent scapulars and made in accordance with the regulations. (As one would expect of Carmelites!)

I will be ordering some of these scapulars in the near future and hope that the one put around my neck will not break. A testimonial says,

About a year ago, I had ordered three of your scapulars (one for myself and one for each of my two children), and I just want to thank you for your wonderfully crafted scapulars. I’m a notorious scapular breaker due to the way I sleep and rough-house with my kids. Your scapular has held up to all of that and is still as good as new with no fraying. – Sam, Massachusetts, USA

The Brown Scapular was given by Our Blessed Lady to St Simon Stock, in Aylesford in England in the year of our Lord 1251. Our Lady handed him a brown woollen scapular and said: “This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire.” In time, the Church extended this magnificent privilege to all the laity who are willing to be invested in the Brown Scapular of the Carmelites and who perpetually wear it.

Even though at the moment I do not have a physical scapular on my person—for my most recent one has broken—I do feel the love of Our Lady every day. When I was enrolled the priest permitted me to say the Rosary daily instead of the Little Office of the BVM. Now that I am a priest, I look forward to the day when someone approaches me and asks

Father, I have a brown scapular, can you bless it?

And I will take him or her aside and explain that the scapular is not a superstition but an item of personal devotion and that those who choose to wear it are committing themselves to a way of life. A way of life that is not overly difficult to keep to. And one that every Catholic – indeed every Christian should want to lead.

An indulgence

Pope Benedict XV granted 500 days indulgence for devoutly kissing your scapular.

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