Share the love of God with the priests of Newtown, CT

We have become used to the news of another shooting somewhere in the world: for some people they are almost hardened to the news. Others are lucky, more innocent, but when something happens in their town, they lose this innocence.

I came across the post linked below this morning, and ask that, of your charity, you read it.



Fr Bernard Lynch – a real friend to all showing God’s love to the people the Church tries to exclude

Father Bernard Lynch: ‘The Vatican has told them to get rid of me’

He claims that half of all Catholic priests are gay – and has himself been married to his husband for 14 years. He believes celibacy is to blame for many of the Church’s problems – and that the Vatican must take responsibility for the paedophilia in its midst. Is it any wonder so many people want rid of Father Bernard Lynch?

Read the rest on the Independent‘s website.

I have met Fr Lynch and know him to be a true friend of all who the institutional Church tries to exclude. I can only hope and pray to be a priest as good as he.