A thought for those who make sacred vestments…

[St Mary Bernard Soubirous] spent the rest of her brief life there, working as an assistant in the infirmary and later as a sacristan, creating beautiful embroidery for altar cloths andvestments.

The work of a sacristan is never done. There is always work to be done. With the daily Mass and the other offices, vestments and altar cloths become worn and need replacing. But I wonder if many people consider how and by whom they are made.

zelf gemaakt

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The Saint whose Feast Day our Fraternity celebrates today, one week after the great Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes last week, was one such sacristan. I wonder, if even today, there are vestments and altar cloths in use that were made by her.

Today, in my prayers at Mass, I remembered the work of all who strive to make the everyday materials that we use at Mass and the Sacraments the very best that they can make. May they continue to make items that are worthy of the King of Kings.

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